Quality of care report 2012/13

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Continuity of care


GV Health is well set up to respond to your immediate and urgent healthcare needs. We constantly monitor and review our services, in line with best practice, to ensure we are providing innovative, high quality health care services. Read More

Integrated Cancer Services

The Oncology Unit provides chemotherapy and supportive treatments to people affected by cancer. It also provides a range of treatments for people with other chronic illnesses. The Peter Copulos Cancer and Wellness Centre has ten chemotherapy chairs and two beds in a spacious environment. The Oncology Day Unit embraces a patient-focused model of care in which family and friends of patients are welcome.


While GV Health is here to care of the community it is important that community members know how they can take steps to prevent the development of health issues. GV Health offers a variety of programs which provide information to the community about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Primary care may be the first point of contact a person has with GV Health; it is the point where people receive care for most of their everyday health needs. Primary care is typically provided by nurses, dietitians, mental health professionals, pharmacists, therapists, and other community health specialists. GV Health is always looking to new and innovative ways to support people in the community; beyond the bricks and mortar of the hospital environment.

Rural Consumers Travelling for Care

Regional and rural consumers and carers consistently experience complexities relating to having to travel for care, including diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. GV Health believes that there needs to be clear and consistent recognition of travel support as integral to the provision of health services for regional and rural consumers. This section outlines some of the ways that GV Health is making it easier for regional and rural residents to access care.

Sub Acute

Sub-acute care provides continuity of care for patients who do not require hospitalization, but still need skilled medical care. This section highlights some of the new ways that GV Health is delivering that care in the Goulburn Valley.