Quality of care report 2012/13

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Emergency Care / Acute


Emergency Department staff

GV Health staff and emergency services carried out a real-life training exercise in October 2012 to test the ability to work together to manage and respond to Code Brown external disaster.

The external disaster involved a bus hitting a train, which resulted in up to 40 people being either injured or deceased.

An incident control centre was set up in the Board room and the Elsie Jones Education Centre was set up to assist with the many patients coming in for treatment. Access was quickly established to multiple laptops, phones and databases.

The exercise was run in real time so there was not opportunity to go away and think about the issues. Decisions had to be made and acted on quickly.

The exercise demonstrated that GV Health is well placed to manage a significant external disaster, in conjunction with the other local and regional emergency services.

It is fairly rare for a Code Brown event to occur; however, there was an instance in March 2013. Severely injured patients from a storm/tornado in Yarrawonga/Mulwala were transported to GV Health by ambulance with various injuries.

Effective communication internally and externally led to a calm and organised response to this crisis. All patients from this disaster were attended to promptly and staff handled the extra clinical work extraordinarily well. Everyone worked as a team and the emergency response plan worked well.