Quality of care report 2012/13

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Expanded Midwifery Group Practice program / Acute


The expanded Midwifery Group Practice team

GV Health offers the Midwifery Group Practice model of care as one of the care options available to expectant mothers.

This model of care involves a midwife being assigned to an expectant mother to provide care throughout the pregnancy, birth, until the mother and baby are settled at home.

The model of care helps ensure there is a relationship of trust between mother and midwife, where the mother’s story is known to the midwife, which provides comfort and confidence.

From 2010 to 2012, there were four midwives working in this model of care. Having proven a great success and more and more women requesting this option for care, the program was expanded this year to add two more midwives. There is now capacity for 189 women to participate in this program annually, rather than the previous 126.