Quality of care report 2012/13

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My healthy behaviours @ work / Preventative


The Health Promotion and Self Management Support teams from GV Health developed a new program this year to decrease sitting time at workplaces.

As part of an annual work health check conducted at The Shepparton News, it was identified that staff spend a lot of time at desks writing and editing stories for publication. The Shepparton News approached GV Health to help develop a program to keep the staff healthy and active.

The My healthy behaviours @ work program consisted of a two-hour session where participants were provided with information about the risks of being seated for a prolonged period of time, goal setting and brainstorming ideas on how to increase workplace activity. Participants were able to work in groups to identify activities relating directly to the Shepparton News office and work style.

Participants were able to try some workplace stretches during the session.

Some ideas to decrease workplace sitting were:

  • establishing a lunchtime walking group
  • going to a toilet at a different end of the building
  • walking to talk to someone instead of emailing them
  • standing when having informal meetings

A four-week follow up evaluation indicated that 71% of participants had decreased their sitting time in the workplace and 93% reported performing workplace stretches. Reducing sitting time and performing stretches can decrease the likelihood of musculoskeletal disorders, premature mortality, diabetes and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

The My healthy behaviours @ work program can be conducted in workplaces throughout the Goulburn Valley. For more information about having this program come to your work place, please contact the Health Promotion or Self Management Support Team on (03) 5832 3100.