Quality of care report 2012/13

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Smiles4Miles / Preventative


Denisa Selagea, dentist

Smiles4Miles aims to improve the oral health of pre-school aged children in Victoria.

An initiative of Dental Health Services Victoria, the program is presented in partnership with GV Health to improve the oral health of the youngest children in our community.

The program, which been held in Shepparton for the last six years, promotes three key messages to improve oral health:

DRINK WELL - promotes the consumption of tap water and the reduction in sugary drinks

EAT WELL - promotes the consumption of a variety of nutritious foods and limit sugary foods

CLEAN WELL - Promotes brushing of teeth twice per day, regular dental check-ups and parent-assisted brushing to 6-7 years of age.

In the Smiles4Miles section it should read In 2012-13, 28 early childhood services participated in the program. The Health Promotion team at GV Health provided 82 education sessions on the program’s key messages to children at participating services.