Quality of care report 2012/13

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GV Health is committed to achieving and providing the best possible care and services and always strives to improve.

Receiving feedback is vital to make sure that issues are addressed appropriately, that we can learn from experiences and can progress and develop.

Patients/clients/consumers are actively encouraged to tell us what they think. To ensure that it is a simple process for you to provide feedback, we have developed a new, user-friendly “Tell us what you think” form. The forms are self-sealable and reply paid so there is no cost to you to send the form back to us in the mail. Alternatively, you can hand your completed and sealed form to any staff member to submit.

The forms are available to pick up throughout the organisation or you can download a form from the GV Health website, www.gvhealth.org.au.

Feedback Received

Between 1 July 2012 and 30 June 2013, GV Health registered:

165 compliments
443 complaints

Following is a graph which provides an outline of the complaints by issue and department.

Total patient complaints by month
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In May 2013, we started recording complaints received about the location of the Supply Department. These complaints had not been recorded before and are the reason for the large increase in the number of complaints received in May.

Patients raised a number of issues in their complaints, with some complainants raising more than one issue.

The graph below shows the types of issues raised in the complaints made by patients. The main issue raised by complainants was about the behavior and conduct of Goulburn Valley Health staff.

The second most common issue raised concerned patients access and admission to the hospital. This often related to the expectations of patients not being met.

Total issue type raised in complaints
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You can hover over the graphs to review the specific data.