Quality of care report 2012/13

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Feedback from 2011/12 Quality of Care Report / Feedback

  • “Very informative. It is a great idea to pass on information to people not in the ‘industry’ so we know what options are available if needed.”
  • “I liked the human angle, especially interesting was Bill Kelly’s journey; also stats on aged care.”
  • “It’s fantastic that cancer patients have a choice and have such great facilities so they don’t have to travel to other cities. When they are already fragile, this must make a huge difference.”
  • “How much did 30,000 copies cost to print? A complete waste of money.”
  • In future reports: “more analysis of emergency care performance and the difficulties so people better appreciate the operational and resourcing issues.”

Based on the feedback received from the past year’s report, GV Health decided this year to not print the annual Quality of Care report for distribution; but rather create and distribute this year’s report electronically. Therefore, no GV Health funds will be spent on printing the Quality of Care Report for 2012/13.

We thank you for your considered feedback and hope that this decision meets with community expectation.