Quality of care report 2012/13

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Blood and Blood Products


The transfusion of blood and blood products is not without risk and can lead to complications and adverse outcomes for patients. It is vital that GV Health provides safe, appropriate, effective and efficient management of blood products.

Goulburn Valley Health has governance systems in place for the safe and appropriate prescribing and clinical use of blood and blood products. Blood and blood products are received, stored and transported safely and efficiently throughout Goulburn Valley Health.

In line with national guidelines, GV Health aims to obtain written informed consent for all patients undergoing blood transfusion at GV Health. Informed consent for transfusion aims to inform the patient or carer why the transfusion is required, risks involved and possible alternatives if appropriate. Patients and carers are encouraged to ask questions regarding the transfusion.

Medical record audits indicate a significant improvement in the number of patients having a documented consent for transfusion of blood and blood products. Documented consent for transfusion was 96% in July 2013, an improvement from 77% in July 2012.