Quality of care report 2012/13

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Clinical Indicators for Dental Services

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Access to dental services

Restorative retreatment within six months –Adult


Unplanned return within seven days subsequent to extraction


In 2012/13, the GV Dental Service performed 3,057 extractions; slightly lower than the 3,080 performed in 2011/12.

The data shows that the GV Dental Service results are on par with the regional results regarding unplanned returns within seven days subsequent to extraction. A significant proportion of unplanned returns subsequent to extraction were due to patient-related factors, such as smoking, diabetes and other.

Endodontic retreatment within 12 months (by extraction)


In 2011/12, 433 teeth were treated and 35 were retreated by extraction. Some patients make the choice to extract a tooth rather than continue with treatment.

Denture remakes within 12 months
In 2012/13, 538 dentures were inserted, compared to 392 in 2011/12; an increase of 146. Of those dentures, some had to be remade. However, fewer dentures had to be re-made than the regional average.