Quality of care report 2012/13

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Hotel Services


Cheryl Heywood

Did you know that the GV Health Shepparton kitchen makes more than 1,000 meals per day (or 365,000 per year) for patients, residents, staff and functions?

That correlates to more than 1,095,000 knives forks and spoons and 365,000 plates 365,000 bowls, as well as the millions of cups and glasses to be washed every year!

In addition, 100 frozen meals are also cooked per day to provide to Hospital in the Home patients, as well as to regional police stations to provide to prisoners in holding cells. These meals are well travelled; from Echuca to Yarrawonga and everywhere in-between!

To prepare and deliver these meals, there are eight chefs and 22 food service assistants, plus three cleaners-come-pot washers, who are a mixture of full and part-time.  All pots and cooking equipment are washed by hand.

Menu monitors visit the patients and residents every day to assist with menu decisions and discuss meal requirements. The data is then compiled for the production team.

The menu is varied and adaptable as it needs to cater for a wide variety of clients. The shopping list is extensive and would test the resilience of the most ardent shopper! The most popular menu items are the roasts, curried sausages, fish and chips, egg and lettuce sandwiches and trifle!

It’s interesting to note that, in an average year, the kitchen uses:

  • 96,000 eggs
  • 12,500 kgs of potatoes
  • 360,000 slices of bread
  • 10,100 litres of milk

All meals are produced on site, and the stock for soup is made from scratch every day. Sweets and cakes are prepared daily and fresh produce is used where practicable.

At Christmas, all puddings and cakes are made on site and are hugely popular, as are birthday cakes for the aged care residents!.

Waranga Aged Care & Waranga Nursing Home & Hospital

Both the Waranga Aged Care Hostel and the Waranga Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home have their own kitchens to prepare fresh meals for the 32 residents at the Hostel, 10 residents in the Nursing Home and 12 beds in the hospital. The kitchens also prepare meals for around six Meals on Wheels clients each day.

Meals are planned according to resident and patient likes and dislikes, as well as nutrition advice from dietitians. On special days, such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Fathers’ Day, special holiday meals are served.