Quality of care report 2012/13

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Making pureed food more appetising / Nutrition


Waranga Nursing Home Staff Tina Jones & Glenda Perso

The nutritional intake of Waranga Nursing Home’s residents has improved since the introduction of the use of special food moulds.

Special food moulds were purchased from Perth for residents on a vitamised food diet, shaping pureed food into a solid form that looks just like the original form of the food.

The moulds include a chicken breast, steak, cauliflower, peas, beans and carrots, peaches, cantaloupe and pears.
Once the food is pureed, it is poured into the moulds and frozen.

GV Health Waranga campus manager, Deborah Rogers said 33 per cent of residents were on a vitamised diet and food intake had increased since the moulds had been used.

“The appearance of food makes a significant difference to how much residents consume and their enjoyment of eating. We eat with our eyes. When others are cutting whole pieces of chicken or steak at the dinner table, those on a vitamised diet have typically been a bit embarrassed and de-motivated to eat.

“It is important that residents maintain a healthy weight to deter illness. Changes to the way we serve food are relatively small but can make a huge difference to someone’s life,” said Deborah.