Quality of care report 2012/13

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Pressure Injuries


Pressure Injury Prevention Working Party

There are numerous risk factors for pressure injuries, immobility is one of these. To assist in the prevention and management of pressure injuries GV Health staff assess patients within eight hours of admission to determine whether they are at risk of developing pressure injuries using the Braden Risk Assessment

Pressure reducing air mattresses are available for patients considered to be moderate to high risk.

GV Health is investigating the option of obtaining more pressure relieving stock, such as pressure relieving cushions and additional pressure reducing air mattresses.

Training and education for staff is ongoing and assists in the prevention and best management of pressure injuries. As a result of this work, the severity of pressure injuries is reducing.

With direction provided from the Braden Risk Assessment on early identification of causative risk factors and appropriate preventative and management strategies a reduction in the severity of pressure injuries was also evidenced for the patients of Goulburn Valley Health.

GV Health is benchmarking its pressure injuries against other organisations statewide, which provides the benefit of being able to look for opportunities to reduce the rates further by learning what other organisations have successfully implemented.

Ninety seven pressure injuries were acquired by patients during their hospital care this year throughout the organisation; a reduction of 20 from last year, when a total of 117 pressure injuries were recorded.

The graph below shows the number of pressure injuries acquired during care for each month of the last two years. The changes from month to month are usual.

Pressure Injuries Acquired During Care 


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