Quality of care report 2012/13

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Improving Residential Aged Care / Residential Aged Care


Hollie Purton, nurse with resident Valerie Barnett

A new front garden at Tatura

Funds raised from the annual ‘100 lap challenge’ swimming event, held in early 2013 and the 2012 Tatura Fun Run/Walk have been used to purchase new fencing for Parkvilla Aged Care in Tatura.

In the front garden, fencing has been installed to create a home-like garden environment, in which residents can safely enjoy time together, with family and friends and engage with members of the community.

Staff and volunteers have begun work to further beautify the gardens and install meandering walking paths for the residents to enjoy.



Tatura Lifestyle Co-ordinator, Leanne Houkes Wilson with 
resident Jim Stone

Horticulture therapy

Residents have been cultivating new sensory garden in the back yard at Parkvilla Aged Care Facility in Tatura. Avid gardeners have been enjoying being outdoors and planting and tending to herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers. Horticultural therapy presents opportunities for participants with a range of abilities to explore and develop their skills.

Working in the garden can give a person in residential aged care a greater sense of self esteem and confidence. To be able to care for and look after another living thing can be an incredibly empowering experience.



Waranga Aged Care Hostel residents

Mosaic masterpieces

The residents of the Waranga Aged Care Hostel have been creatively turning old tables into beautiful pieces of usable art.

The residents have selected designs, sketched them onto the table tops and then set about using tiles to create mosaic masterpieces.

Waranga Aged Care Hostel lifestyle coordinator, Leah Huggard said working on the mosaics has been a great creative project for the residents.

“Residents have been thrilled to see their projects through from the beginning concepts to admiring the fabulous end results with friends, family and staff. The colourful table tops are something they can be truly proud of achieving,” said Ms Huggard.


Waranga Aged Care Hostel Lifestyle Co-ordinator,
Leah Huggard with Pink the Greyhound

PINK pet therapy

Waranga Nursing Home got a new resident last year, who spread joy throughout the home; Pink the greyhound!

Although she does not speak, she puts a smile on the faces of the residents every day.

Pink, an ex-racing greyhound, was acquired from the Greyhound Adoption Program in Seymour, after much discussion between staff, residents and their families.

She had failed as a racing dog, with 32 starts and only four placings but her temperament is perfect for the nursing home residents.

According to Leah Huggard, leisure and lifestyle co-ordinator at the Waranga Nursing Home, she arrived in September 2012 and has proven a popular friend to many.

“Pink spends her day nuzzling residents to signal she wants a pat. Once that resident moves, she moves on to the next person for a pat or to lay at their feet.

“She has a strange obsession with white toilet brushes, perhaps caused by her past fascination with white rabbits,” said Leah.                                                                                                                                           

Pet therapy is proven to provide many benefits to the elderly.

Pets provide entertainment and distraction from pain and their surroundings, they encourage social interaction and motivate physical movement. Pets encourage cognitive functions, such as memory, emotions and speech and they provide comfort, joy and happiness.

Facebook feedback about Pink:

Barb said:
I think all nursing homes and places to do with the elderly should do the same thing. A lot of them probably had to leave one behind when going in and they definitely do add quality to life. It’s a reason to keep going, that’s what I believe. Good work Pink!

Cindy said:

My grandpa has recently moved to Waranga and he loves it. I think the addition of Pink was a great idea and I know my Pa agrees, as he hasn’t been able to have a pet for a long time. Pets are the best therapy ever.