Quality of care report 2012/13

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Working Together

Partnering with consumers

GV Health is committed to involving consumers at every level of decision-making about health. It is essential that patients and carers are involved in all decision-making about their own care, as well as getting involved in planning to ensure safety and quality of care for everyone in the community. Consumer input into planning is vital to the future direction and success of GV Health. Read More

Improving Aboriginal Health

GV Health is developing an Aboriginal employment plan, in line with the Victorian government’s Kareeta Yirramboi strategy, which aims to increase Aboriginal participation in the Victorian public sector workforce. By having more Aboriginal people employed in the health industry, it is expected that there will be greater understanding of the community needs. Read More

Cultural Responsiveness

It is essential that GV Health understands the needs of the diverse and changing community it serves. Changing demand for interpreter services this year at GV Health illustrate the changes that are occurring in the community; there is growing demand for interpreters in new languages to the area and decreased demand in others. At GV Health, we celebrate all the differences that make the Goulburn Valley a great multicultural community in which to live. Read More

Chronic illness care

There are an increasing number of people in our community who are living with life-long conditions, which affect their way of life. By assisting people to manage these conditions, GV Health can make a difference and help people with chronic conditions get on with life.


Interested in volunteering at GV Health? GV Health needs volunteers at all its locations to provide the many extra services that supplement the care and treatment of patients and residents. Read More