Quality of care report 2012/13

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Cultural Responsiveness

It is essential that GV Health understands the needs of the diverse and changing community it serves.

Changing demand for interpreter services this year at GV Health illustrate the changes that are occurring in the community; there is growing demand for interpreters in new languages to the area and decreased demand in others.

At GV Health, we celebrate all the differences that make the Goulburn Valley a great multicultural community in which to live.

Interpreter Provision 2003/13

Interesting facts

  • The languages listed are those that have been in the top five over the last decade.
  • Language services provided have increased by 194% over the last decade from 875 in 2003/04 to 2,336 in 2012/13 (having peaked in 2011/12 at 2,573).
  • Number of languages requested has increased from 19 in 2003/04 to 35 in 2012/13 --> peaking at 41 in 2010/11
  • Number of services provided has remained reasonably consistent over the last five years.
  • Arabic has remained the most used language over the decade
  • Hazaragi (a dialect of the Persian language native to some areas of Afghanistan, Iran & Pakistan) was only used once up until 2009/10 and has increased significantly over the last three years, especially in 2012/13 rising from 13th to 5th most used.

Interpreter Provision 2012/13 

Interpreter Provision 2011/12 

Interpreter Provision 2010/11 

Interpreter Provision 2009/10 

Interpreter Provision 2008/09 

Interpreter Provision 2007/08
Kurdish- although used often in 2004/06, has not been used since 2006/07

Interpreter Provision 2006/07
Dari increased significantly in 2006/07 and has remained in the top five languages since then.

Interpreter Provision 2005/06 

Interpreter Provision 2004/05

Interpreter Provision 2003/04