Quality of care report 2012/13

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Onsite Arabic interpreter / Cultural Responsiveness


Fatima Al-Qarakchy, Arabic Interpreter

When interpreter services are required to assist a patient at GV Health, a call is placed to the GV Health booking officer, who contacts an independent interpreter service to provide assistance face to face, or if not available, via phone.

Earlier this year, a trial was held to have an Arabic interpreter on site at the GV Health, Graham St, Shepparton campus every Thursday. An Arabic interpreter was chosen for the trial as this language has had the highest level of requests for interpreter services locally for the last few years.

A review of the trial was conducted and proved a success.

42 clients used the interpreter during the three-month trial. Staff and patients reported having an interpreter available onsite, at short notice was very helpful.

The cost saving to GV Health was also evident, showing a 31% saving when compared to the costs that would have been incurred by GV Health if individual bookings for these clients had been made.


GV Health staff have expressed interest in trialing a further increase in the amount of time that this service is available to ensure even greater improvements in quality of care for Arabic speaking clients. 

Improving interpreter services video