Quality of care report 2012/13

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Partnering with consumers / Volunteering

“Like my fellow Consumer Consultative Committee members, I joined some years ago to help promote and assist GV Health to provide a caring, professional service to us – its present, past and future clients.

Originally, it was somewhat confusing; what could we do? What should we do?
I went to conferences and training and heard about this thing called Patient Centred Care, which sounded so good for consumers and the service. Places which introduced it fully had a waiting list of staff wanting to work there!
Interest grew...now, the 10 National Standards for Safety and Quality in health care have been introduced and, right up there at number 2, is Partnering with Consumers.

No longer do we wonder what to do. We are invited to participate in meaningful ways on issues such as infection control, nutrition, clinical handover and more, to help our health services achieve patient and family-centred care.

There are many opportunities to join in – some short-term projects and some longer projects, bringing in specialised knowledge or experience you may have.

If you would like to register your interest in providing valuable input into planning at GV Health, please call Margo on (03) 5832 2703.”

Wendy Hunt, Chair, Consumer Advisory Committee